Birthday Weekender

This was a first for Psycho Dehlia, a birthday double header.

We began on Friday night in the salubrious surroundings of Colchester Golf Club, celebrating Andy’s big day. What a night it was with the dance floor filled from the third song of the set and remaining that way until the final chord of Roll Over Beethoven.

What a brilliant crowd and thanks for all the comments afterwards - New Year’s Eve would be something special if we can work it out.

On Saturday evening the Psycho tour bus trundled into Stanway and the Live and Let Live for John and Brian’s birthdays. Once again it was a fabulous night with standing room only and beer running out as fast as new barrels could be put on.

The Live and Let as always provided a night to remember - what a great pub it is. Huge thanks from us to the birthday boys for the booking and plying us with food and booze, we really appreciate it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY - LOVE AND PEACE -  hope you enjoyed it as much as we did x

John and Brian



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