The Blacksmith’s Arms Little Clacton


The Psycho Dehlia tour bus trundled into Little Clacton on a very humid Saturday evening. We had been looking forward to this one for a little while, it's always good fun to play at the Blacksmiths. Once again we were not disappointed.

 Setting up the gear was great with plenty of room which makes a big difference and we had 20 minutes or so to relax.

Off to the toilets to get wigged up and as usual we frightened a couple of locals, one refusing to come in.

'I'll come back in a minute' he said, hastily doing up his flies!

We don't blame him, it does look like a new, seedy branch of the Transvestite Club has just opened up, as we adjust our hair in the mirror over the urinals - when will we ever have proper dressing rooms.


First Set

We began with the usual opener 'Foxy Lady' straight into 'White Room' - it seemed louder than usual but the onstage sound was excellent and that gives everyone a boost. 'People are Strange' is the quiet before storm of 'Wishing Well' and 'All Right Now' and we always feel a little better after those two are in the bag and we begin to relax into the set.

'Work Together' is a strange one, really simple and it's been on the chopping block a few times but it always gets a good reaction and is a good warm up song for 'Twentieth Century Boy' and 'Get it On' - damn - first mistake of the evening, Floyd forgot there was a third verse!

Big finish with 'Sprit in the Sky' and the dance floor suddenly got packed - what a great feeling that is - everyone who joins in - you make our day xxx




During the interval we got to have a chat with our great friend Hazel - she has been to loads of our gigs usually with her partner in crime Jon, who was down in Somerset this time watching some planes (crazy man). Unfortunately her son was caught up in fight that night and Hazel spent the rest of the evening in A&E - hope he is on the mend Hazel and thanks xxxx






Floyd also got to speak with Kenny, a real rocker - he's been responsible for Hawkwind security for the last 20 years, has lived with Lemmy and knows Dave Brock and the Iron Maiden guitarist - a gig with Hawkwind was a real possibility, this could be our big break. I asked Rudy to move in for a serious, respectful photo opportunity and guess who decides to bomb the shot - bloody guitarists!!   

Some of the the amazing people at the Blacksmiths - thank you all for your support - also big big thanks to the bar staff who looked after us all and worked so hard.

Set Two

The second set got under way with an impromptu Happy Birthday for Floyd - that's dedication for you, a gig on his Birthday - he also got to open some of the cards he had sent himself!

We used to worry about the first song of the second set 'For What It's Worth' as being too low key but it always seems to go down well especially the end, with the placard waving protest - we got all the placards back this time. it doesn't always happen!

Set Two Continued

It was getting getting hot and we briskly bashed out 'Sweet Home' followed by Floyd's nemesis 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon'. Stondan set the place on fire with his solo in 'All Along the Watch Tower' and by the time we played 'Born to be Wild' for the rockers and 'Hawaii 5 0' for the surfers the dance floor was full and the pub buzzing. The lady who had always been on holiday when we had played before was particularly good with the surfing moves - you know who you are xx - Then it was party time with the Stones, a plea for some 'Satisfaction' from Floyd and then a heavy version of 'Wild Thing' before we encored with 'Roll Over Beethoven'.

That was it - job done - great night - it's such a brilliant feeling when all has gone well - we were tired, super hot and exhausted but we all got some satisfaction in the end!!  🙂

See you on the 30th of July at the Mayor's Funday, Gilberd School, 12.30pm.


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