We Are Back

You have probably noticed things have been a little quiet on the Psycho Dehlia front recently. We had some bad news last February when our singer Floyd Summer was diagnosed with leukaemia – it’s been a bit of a nightmare… View Post

The George Hadleigh

It’s been a while since we played The George, it always used to be a good one – and guess what ? It still is. Fantastic audience, not the biggest, but oh so supportive and enthusiastic and size isn’t everything… View Post

The George – Hadleigh

Gig number two of the year – and I have to say we are liking 2019. A great pub and a great crowd equals the Psychos at their best, and the George was rocking on Saturday night. Dirk was feeling… View Post

The George Hadleigh

  It was over a year ago that we played the George where does the time go. Once again it was a really enjoyable gig. Stondan, Floyd, Randy and Dirk all said afterwards they were in the groove and it… View Post