The Clacton Railway Club


The Psycho's have never played the Clacton Railway Club so there was excitement mixed with some trepidation as we pulled into the carpark.

To our relief it was great. Just a short walk to load the gear through the back door, plenty of room to set up and oh my goodness a stage, what a bonus.
Josh met us and looked after the band throughout the night. We really appreciated the round of drinks on the house - (Other venues please take note!!) 

We were beginning to like the Railway Club.

The week had started well with a big boost to the boys' egos when we got requests to be added to our guest list. Memories of the stadium gigs of long ago, before the plane crash and the 20 years of playing to the natives on a remote African island flooded back to the band. Big thanks to our friend Teresa Colclough though for pointing out this was a members only club.

First Set

The usual opener Foxy Lady went well and everyone seemed happy. However, Dirk had been to see his old friend Rick Wakeman in concert. He wanted his sound to be louder than Rick's and called Wiggy McWigFace into action. Unfortunately for Wiggy, Dirk wasn't having any of his "it's all done automatically theses days' nonsense and much to Wiggy's annoyance he had to sort out Dirk's sound. He was later heard muttering that he would never achieve world dominance if he was actually expected to work for this bunch of prima donnas.

Sound sorted the rest of the set went without further incident. We had a great audience, but it wasn't until the old faithful T. Rex songs that the dance floor filled and by the time we finished with Spirit in the Sky there wasn't much room left to dance!

Yvonne and George celebrated their 34th Wedding Anniversary

Josh, who looked after us all night

Another member of the fabulous bar staff

Pretending to be Yvonne and George in the hope of some Champers

Set Two

The second set began with some top quality banner waving and continued at a pace until the dance floor was full again for Born to be Wild, Hawaii Five O, and Wipe Out. Unusually things quietened down after that, I think everyone had peaked too soon and it was a strange sight to see the floor sparsely populated for the Stones' medley. That all changed with the final song, Wild Thing. 

Wiggy had told the boys to expect a fantastic new lighting effect at the end of the show. In hindsight I think he was trying out a new hi-tech disguise because one minute Floyd was immersing himself in the adoring crowd, his wonderful waving locks flowing behind him. And in the next, he was returning to the stage sporting what appeared to be a very severe haircut. All apparently done with lights and mirrors. Luckily Floyd was too stoned to realise what had happened and took the gasps of the audience to be in appreciation for his latest hip thrust.

This was followed by a BIG encore with a loud and fast rendition of Roll Over Beethoven. The floor filled fuller than ever and it was a great way to finish the evening.

Thanks for all your positive comments after the show. All being well we shall see you again next year.


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