The Gladstone Arms Stowmarket

The History of the Psycho's love for Stowmarket

Following the now legendary meeting in McDonald's, Tottenham Court Road when Stondan and Dirk formed the band and after their vast fortunes disappeared over night when the Greek shipping magnate Stavros Stavros (so crooked they named him twice) went bust, the Psychos were trying to get some gigs together to make a bit of money to feed their cats. Having played to 100,000 seater stadiums they couldn't get used to performing for one man and his dog, with often only the dog left at the end of the show.

It was looking bleak for the boys but then a random gig in Stowmarket saw them meet up with some brilliant people who have supported them ever since - although it has to be said than when Mr Clive 'So Low Choppers' Ransome came over for a chat with Floyd after the first gig, Floyd needed a quick change of trousers thinking Clive didn't like the music. Instead Clive invited the band to play at his party - what an unforgettable gig that was, with the pub running out of glasses halfway through and Rika dancing throughout. From then on things have looked up with biker rallies and bigger and better gigs - but it all started in Stowmarket and we will always be grateful.

The Stowmarket Hall of Fame

Clive (Click on the pic for his website)

Ellie and Poz

Rika and Andy


Chris and Raymond (The biggest contributor to our Just Giving fund)


The Gig

If you thought the Psychos looked a little worried when they turned up to the Gladstone Arms you would be right.

During the week Wiggy McWigface, sound man extraordinaire (well that's what he likes us to call him) purchased some new speakers. There's always been a suspicion that Wiggy used the speakers to hide his loot and the fact the new ones were twice as big but weighed half as much, added to that theory. BUT..... the speakers worked really well and regular Psycho listeners said the sound was a lot better - so credit where credit is due, well done Wiggy (but what happened to the old speakers AND HOW MUCH DO WE OWE YOU!)

The gig itself was brilliant. Such a great atmosphere and so good to see lots of our Stowmarket friends. We don't know what it is about Stowmarket but we want more like that, please.

Special mention to Raymond for adding yet another fiver to our Just Giving fund - this one's going to MIND.

The highlights (if you discount the boys taking the mick out of Stondan for forgetting a chord in All Right Now) were undoubtedly Ginny, who by sheer coincidence had arrived in Stowmarket from Brighton the night before. She joined us on harmonica for Roadhouse Blues and Jean Genie. It's such a pleasure to hear her play and it really adds to the songs - come and join us anytime.

And Poz Blackwing, who stole the show and lived up to his name, flying onto a table to do wild surfing during Wipe Out - Chaos ensued for a few moments as he spread his wings, narrowly missing a few glasses but then it was lift off - Poz you rock man!!


On the Runway

Take Off


This was our first gig at The Gladstone Arms, we all really hope it isn't our last, special thanks to the great bar team who looked after us.

NEXT GIG - The Three Horse Shoes, Bures - 16th September 2017

One thing we have learnt over the years is that a gig is only as good as the people who come to see us - this one was BRILLIANT - thank you all.


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