Wiggy Mc Wigface

Rumour has it that......

Wiggy is the only member of Psycho Dehlia to wear a wig.

He is allegedly the computer genius behind many of the world's most infamous heists and was the inspiration for the evil genius in Danger Mouse and most James Bond movies. He spent 5 years in the notorious Bangkok Hilton prison living like a lord before his release.

Now on the straight and narrow, he landed a plum job as the Psycho's sound man when he literally bumped into Stondan and Dirk at the now legendary meeting at McDonald's, Tottenham Court Road, where he had stopped off on his way to a fancy dress party, carrying very realistic looking fire arms.

At gigs he is rarely seen listening to the sound and instead tinkers with his large computer console behind the scenes, telling the band "it's all done automatically these days".  Strangely many of the latest ransomware attacks have coincided with Psycho Dehlia gigs.

Equipment - Behringer mixer and speakers.
Influences - Donny Osmond or David Cassidy impossible to chose
Previous Bands - Bay City Rollers
Favourite Food - Steam Pie
Best Gig Ever Seen - Psycho Dehlia - Felixstowe
Favourite Film - Superman
Night In or Night Out - Night Out
Casual or Smart - Smart
Tea or Coffee - Tea
Apple or Android - Android
Cats or Dogs - Cats
Phobias - Prison
Favourite Song - My Way 
Most Difficult Song We Play - They all sound easy 
Favourite Song We Play - Whichever one is last
Any Tattoos - 4
Pet Hate - Yes