The Mayor’s Fun Day

When Stondan and Randy were told we were meeting at 10.30 they were over the moon, they love late night gigs. When it was explained to them that it was actually a 10.30 AM start things got a little fractious. Randy is usually thinking about going to bed at that sort of time and he arrived at the gig 45 minutes late. He was in such a rush he hadn't even managed to dye his hair (he normally goes black for gigs). See pictures below.

On top of this Floyd had eaten some raw fish or chicken or as he said, 'something like that man' and wasn't feeling very well. Two strategically placed buckets were positioned at either side of the stage just in case.

It wasn't the best of starts but hey, this was for the Mayor - it was a BIG honour to be asked to play - the sun was out (well on and off ) and the people were happy - the Psychos pulled themselves together and bashed out a blistering set.

The Psycho Road crew in action

First Set

The first set zoomed by - the onstage sound wasn't to Floyd's liking but Wiggy did his usual job of walking back and forth a few times and then returning to his computer console to continue his game of battleships - 'it's all automatic don't worry'.


Actually the out front sound was great and you could hear it all the way over to the snakes (about a 100 yards) where the Psycho Chicks decided to head.

Half Time

Entertainment at half time was provided by the fabulous Abbie Hartley. She has an amazing voice and does some terrific runs. It was no surprise when we found out she had been scouted for the X Factor and almost made it to the Judge's eliminations. Check her out on Facebook and You Tube.

She's got years on the Psychos so expect to see her on the telly very soon, she's a star.

Curry Time

The band were also fortunate to be playing next to Masala Mama - and availed themselves of some delicious veggie curries - Mmmmmm if you have an event hire these two, or if you see them at one, you got to taste their curries - FANTASTIC !!!

Second Set

The second set began with 'Sweet Home Alabama', which was not the usual opener but seemed to go down well. This was followed by the very appropriate 'Lazy Sunday Afternoon'.

Unfortunately the weather was now getting rather overcast and breezy and Dirk had to hold the marquee in place with one hand while he played his usual faultless solo in 'Light My Fire' with the other. The Mama's Curry stall also narrowly avoided losing their counter in the wind, causing a small flicker of a smile to pass over Rudy's face.

It was then Brown Sugar, played at triple speed, because the rain had started to fall quite hard and there was a real danger of the band being electrocuted - everyone looked to Wiggy for reassurance, but he had his head down muttering, 'It's all automatic,' before he realised the problem and ensured he and his computer moved inside the marquee.

That was it - job done - we met some great people afterwards - thank you all for your comments, we really appreciate it when people take the time to come and have a chat.

We finished afternoon with some pictures of the Mayor of Colchester and his lovely wife. Big thanks to him for choosing us and to Fiona for putting the whole event together.

Master of disguise Wiggy before

Wiggy after - Unrecognisable

Randy's coiffured gig hair

Randy's hair when he gets up too late

An Arty Picture

Guitarists get paid too much

The Next Gig is a new one for us at the Clacton Railway Club on the 12th of August - see you there - Love and Peace PD xx


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