• The LIve and Let Live

    The Live and Let Live is always a gig we look forward to – for two of the band it’s right on their doorstep so we can have an early night. It’s often a friends meeting place as well. Saturday… View Post

    The Claydon Greyhound

    It’s always with a bit of trepidation that we head for a new venue –  Will there be room – Will it be busy – Will we get out alive !   We needn’t have worried, what a night.  Once again… View Post

    The Brewers Arms Brightlingsea

    This is what we were waiting for – two years of rubbish blown away in two  hours – thank you.  The Brewers is always a top venue but Saturday night was a special one. To see all our Brightlingsea buddies… View Post

    The Pickerel – Stowmarket

    The Psycho Dehlia tour bus trundled into Stowmarket with a growing feeling of trepidation. The band playing the following night had cancelled and we were wondering if we should do the same. – Would there be anyone there to see… View Post