• The Albion – Rowhedge

      When Psycho Dehlia arrived at the Albion, a worried barman informed them they were up against an Oompah Band playing down the road and things were looking bleak crowd-wise. Well, we shouldn’t have worried, the Albion didn’t let us… View Post

    Sea Cadets at Frinton Golf Club

    By the time the Psychos got to bed on Sunday morning they had been on the road for nearly 10 hours – the boys were thoroughly worn out but not in a soapy dish-cloth way, where the final saucepan proves… View Post


    It was time for the Psychos to feel warm and fuzzy and supporting the fabulous PARC Charity always makes us feel that way. It’s the second year running we have played for PARC and once again the hall was packed… View Post

    The Bull – Colchester

    After 6 long months the Psychos returned to Colchester for a home town gig. It was great to see The Bull after a facelift – a new wooden floor and other nice touches seemed to make the place less tired… View Post