• The Psycho Dehlia mini tour – Pickerel – Skipper – Albion

    It was a busy 7 days for the Psychos with three gigs and as you know we are no spring chickens. First stop was the Pickerel in Stowmarket, one of our favourite places to play. The tour didn’t get off… View Post

    The Punch Bowl

    It’s become one of our favourite places to play and Saturday was no exception. Always a great atmosphere and a friendly crowd – topped with Oscar showing that his drumming skills are improving all the time. Randy was looking worried.… View Post

    The LIve and Let Live

    The Live and Let Live is always a gig we look forward to – for two of the band it’s right on their doorstep so we can have an early night. It’s often a friends meeting place as well. Saturday… View Post

    The Claydon Greyhound

    It’s always with a bit of trepidation that we head for a new venue –  Will there be room – Will it be busy – Will we get out alive !   We needn’t have worried, what a night.  Once again… View Post