It was time for the Psychos to feel warm and fuzzy and supporting the fabulous PARC Charity always makes us feel that way.

It’s the second year running we have played for PARC and once again the hall was packed and over £500 raised.

The PARC people made us feel so welcome - thanks Juliet - and it was lovely to meet Sarah again, whose mum originally booked us.

There was lots of dancing and surfing - we couldn’t have asked for more.

It was also a night of firsts -

  1. For some people it was the first time they have ever got up and boogied - we are proud to have helped you find your dancing shoes.
  2. Stondan asked for a glass of water!!  What’s happened to him, he’s never seen without a whiskey - He was back on track later in the evening winning a build your own bear in the raffle - he vowed to turn it into a Psycho Teddy before the night was out and despite the bear making a bid for freedom he was soon following in Stondan’s disgraceful footsteps. (see photos below)
  3. Randy’s dad, who is in his 90s, flew over from the States on Randy’s private jet to see his son drumming for the first time - he tripped the light fantastic.

Many thanks to PARC for having us back and best of luck with future fund raising. Here is a little about the charity:




PARC (Essex) is a registered children's charity based in the beautiful setting of Great Notley Country Park, near Braintree in Essex.  

Our aim is to provide play and recreation facilities for children with additional needs and short break care for their families and carers.

At PARC we believe, every child has a right to play, regardless of their individual needs or abilities.

Above all PARC is a place where children can develop, learn and have fun, in a safe and friendly environment.

We currently help support over 500 families within the Essex area and there is no formal referral process, parents can contact us directly.


Floyd looking pleased with himself

Road crew get set up

Randy and his Dad

Mrs Randy and Dad

Getting on down

Sweet and Innocent

Sweet and innocent

Ted's escape



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