Parkinson’s Charity Gig Thaxted

Well, it was a day for something new - the Psychos have never played in Thaxted.

It was a day for changes - Wiggy was seen doing a bit of work. In fact he arrived at the site early, took a load of gear in his monster car, set it up and then camped overnight so he could dismantle it the next day and take it home for us.

Now Wiggy has had some bad press lately and I am sure the rumours of his evil genius are unfounded but in any case he made amends today and that effort was beyond the call of duty. The reports of missing cows, pigs, sheep and horses had nothing to do with him.

Other changes included Stondan having a haircut and Dirk with new extensions.

It was also a day for the boys to feel warm and fuzzy because lots and lots of money was raised for the Parkinson's charity.

It was a fantastic event and the organisation and work James, Karen, Chris and Sally put in was beyond words. Fabulous food, drink and facilities, all set in idyllic surrounds - something for all the family. Everyone had a brilliant time, even the dog who loved chasing the lights. The highlight was the auction which raised a huge amount of money including over a thousand pounds for tickets to Mock the Week supplied by Ed Byrne, who was in attendance.


Wiggy at work


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