The Bay Horse

As we have said before the Bay Horse is always a date the boys look forward to when they get their list of gigs for the year.

It's a proper music pub and the venue, audience and bar staff are always the best - a drink on the house when we get there as well, we couldn't ask for more.

Here's what we found out -

1) Legend are very naughty boys

2) Wiggy does do some work

3) It is possible to get photos of Randy

4) Pirates are actually very nice

5) We can't wait to come and play again next year

1) Legend

Rumour has it that those naughty boys from Legend, were down the road and offering everyone free sweeties and lemonade at the pub that shall not be named, and then locking everyone in - so we missed a few of our usual crowd.

Here is a picture of someone who escaped the pub that shall not be named after he'd heard what had happened - as you can see he has a very cross face - a Psycho Chick tried her best to soothe him but it was hopeless and he couldn't be consoled. It was even worse when he found out he'd missed our two new songs.

2) Wiggy does do some work

Contrary to a belief held by most of the band, Wiggy does do a bit of work sometimes. Here you can see him hiding behind the pool table before finally being coaxed out to sort out Stondan's foot pedals.

3) Pictures of Randy

4) Pirates are very nice

We didn't know it at the time but we had celebrities in our midst - Jolly Polly and the Pirates were in the audience. Polly got up and did a rip roaring rendition of Sweet Home with Floyd, which he seemed to enjoy very much.

Chair surfing and various other brilliant dance moves followed.

Check out their website and book them up - if they are as much fun on stage as they were in the audience you are in for a treat.

5) Can't wait for next year

It seems weird talking about next year but it's only a month away - it's always great at the Bay Horse, where does all that noise come from - it helps us so much - have a fantastic Christmas everyone and we wish you all a Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous New Year - here are some highlights from the evening.


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