The Bay Horse

The Psychos dusted off the snow from their equipment after a long Christmas break, having taken a well earned rest from Christmas and New Year's Eve gigs. It sounded like a good idea at the time, but Floyd was found wandering the streets on the 31st, not knowing what to do with himself and asking anyone he met if they fancied some Satisfaction - it didn't end well. As for the other members of the band, some it seems chose to partake of one or two extra mince pies and got into the Christmas spirit a little too enthusiastically for a well honed, super lean, music machine, that is Psycho Dehlia.

But what better way to start the New Year than a gig at one of our favourite places to play The Bay Horse. Last time the Legend incident seemed to have effected numbers, but tonight the place was packed again with loads of our favourite people and lots of dancing.

Big thanks to the birthday boys Fred and Brendan and their friends and family who came from Warwick and Somerset for the celebrations. They laid on a fantastic spread AND invited everyone to tuck in - it was great and really appreciated.

Big thanks again to Polly Harris from Jolly Polly and the Pirates for joining us on Sweet Home and Satisfaction, it's always a pleasure to jam with you xxx

Check out their website, they are a great party or wedding band - book them quick before they move onto bigger things:

Also BIG thanks to Charlie and his team for having us, looking after us and always making us feel welcome - we were loading the gear into the cars at 6:30pm and unloading at 1:30am the next day - that's nearly 7 hours - having a drink on the house when we arrive makes all the difference - cheers to a great pub and a great crowd xxx.

See you all again on the 23rd of June.

Favourite Dancer One (what's Rudy looking at?)

Polly and David

Great to see you again

The fabulous team at the Bay Horse

Our three favourite girls

The Birthday Party

After 3 weeks Aussie flu

Favourite Dancer Two (not Stondan!)

Hazel and Jonathan

Bay Horse protest


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