The Bay Horse

Floyd once said:

“It’s a good gig if I wake up the next day with two girls by my side and an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in my hand.” 

When Floyd woke up this morning, he was wedged in by two pillows to stop him falling out of bed, holding a mug of cocoa, which he’d spilt down his winceyette pyjamas, but IT WAS A GOOD GIG !

The old rockers are back but just to be clear - the Bay Horse has never been away - what a brilliant pub and music venue - a fantastic crowd and even after all this time, lots of old friends.

Big thanks to Micaela and the team for looking after us and especially for sticking with us after our horrible year and cancellations.

More gigs at the Bay Horse coming up, watch this space - we can’t wait.

Top man and our good friend Clive Ransome and Tina Bundell


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