The Bay Horse – Sudbury


We have said it before and we'll say it again - the Bay Horse is one of the top places for a band to play.

From Charlie the landlord, to all the team, to all the customers - it's just a great atmosphere and a pleasure to perform.

It takes a whole lot of things to make a good gig - we have to play well of course, but it's people getting involved and joining in that really does the trick.

So a BIG thank you to everyone there - sunglasses, tambourines and amazing dancing - once again the placards found a good use in Hawaii Five O, though it was getting a little dangerous at one stage  - and Dawn, Floyd will return your sunnies next year, promise.

I bit of a gap now, and then a Christmas extravaganza at The Eldo Bar in Jaywick, on the 22nd of December.


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