The Brewers Arms

Eight weeks is a long time to be out of action - would the equipment still work, would the fingers, legs and voices stand up to a two hour battering after such long break? The Psychos needn’t have worried. The Brewers, as always, was the perfect venue for a return and we had a blast.

Some gigs just stand out as ones we will always remember - this was one of them.

There were people from the East End of London, Australia and of course loads of our friends from Brightlingsea. It's great when you come back and see us - we really apreciate it.

There was also some of the best dancing ever at a Psycho Dehlia gig, standing room only at the front and the REALLY big news - Rudy very nearly smiled as two naughty ladies tried every trick in the book to get a grin out of him - but to no avail and he adhered to the no laughing clause in his contract - we can’t have him enjoying himself .

Looking forward to seeing you all again in October - next stop The Bay Horse in Sudbury.

In memory of Glen Williams 1959 - 2019.
Our very first sound man, wonderful friend and brother.
All our love to you, your family and friends.
May you play with the Spirit in the Sky in the place that's the best. xxx

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