The Brewers Arms – Brightlingsea

Well ........

That's what we wanted - Christmas cobwebs well and truly blown away - what a brilliant gig.

Thanks to all our friends who came to support us - to Jim, for his top harmonica playing, on 'Sweet Home' and 'Roadhouse Blues', to Julie, and her fabulous team, for looking after us and for making us feel so welcome, and especially to everyone else who made it a memorable evening - it really does make the Psychos play better when you all join in, and Saturday night was special - we love Brightlingsea!!

The only downside was Rudy, who had put his back out - of course in the old days of stadium tours he would have hired several ruffians to carry his Bass guitars (he liked to live dangerously). Now he has to do it himself and was in agony during 'Oh Well', after he had been forced to lift his water bottle to his lips unaided - disaster.

Fingers crossed he will be back to his happy self for our next gig at The George in Hadleigh on the 9th of February.

Ps. To whom is may concern, Dirk says blondes DO have more fun ! and we are back at the Brewers in June when it could be, according to Marianne, another birthday extravaganza for our number one Rush fan Mr. Colgate - here's hoping!


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