The Brewers Arms

A couple of years ago the Psychos could do no wrong in Brightlingsea, they played their 100th gig at the British Legion and there was even talk of having a statue erected on the beach as a permanent reminder.

But then, as is the way of the world, things changed and the Psycho stock reduced, probably overplayed and overstayed - three times in a month was a risk!

So it was over a year since the band had last played the Brewers Arms - it was January - no one's got any money - there wouldn't be much of a crowd.



The wonderful Brewers was packed - the bar team ( so sorry I didn't get a photo but you were always busy) looked after us treating us to drinks all night - and the crowd - well what can I say - it's not just the band that makes a good gig it's the audience as well.  All I can say is if we deserved an encore then you should have had two - AMAZING.

Of course the Psychos have been used to playing 70,000 seater stadiums in the past so it was a bit scary for them - Floyd fell onto Randy's drum kit when it appeared a rugby scrum was heading his way - the mics got unplugged (no sign of Wiggy to fix them surprise, surprise!) and Stondan's pedals got so sticky with beer he spent all the next day oiling them - but it was BRILLIANT we loved it.

We also met a Rush fan who asked us to play some of their songs - well it's an honour that someone even thinks we could manage those songs but actually, it is a little known musical rumour that Rudy taught Geddie all he knows about playing the bass guitar, and Geddie goes weak at the knees, twiddles his hair and talks in an even higher voice, every time Rudy's name is mentioned. So here are a couple of pictures to make up for the lack of songs:

Finally more memories from an unforgettable night - thank you all so much - if anyone has pics or videos please send them to us - see you again in June, on the 16th.

Thanks for coming again

Top Rush fan

We REALLY love your hair Richard, soo jealous

So cool he had to be on twice


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