The Bull – Colchester


This weekend felt like the old days before the plane crash and years on the desert island when Psychos Dehlia did a 6 month residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Well, it wasn’t quite like that but a two nights stint at The Bull is pretty much as close as you can get.

A double header certainly helps tighten up the music, and we were on fire for much of the set but by the end of the evening, oxygen masks and defibrillators were on standby and Floyd had lost touch with his legs.

These were our last gigs of the year and it was great to finish on such a high - most of that goes down to the team at The Bull - we were well and truly looked after with drinks, offers to help with the gear and security keeping us snug. We even had CAMRA connoisseurs praising the beer - so huge thanks to everyone involved - we will be back next year BIGGER AND BETTER.

Have a great Christmas and fabulous New Year xxxx


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