The Bull – Colchester



It's been a few weeks since we last played - that's because guitarist, Støndan Hyzerkyte has been away on a cruise (or was it cruising) - in any case it was nice to be back to our home City (that sounds weird).

The Bull is a great place to play and we got the impression it was getting back to the good old days, when it was undoubtedly the best music venue for miles around - the bar has been revamped and the Sound House was knocking out some DJ tunes. We were brilliantly looked after by the bar team too.

In hindsight it was probably a mistake to play three sets - the first two were rocking and the dance floor full - by the third things had thinned out, 12.30am is a late one for our old rocker chums. That said it was an excellent night - can't wait to do it all again.

View from the drums

Even The Joker turned up


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