The Bull Colchester

It was more than three years ago since Psycho Dehlia was formed following the now legendary meeting at McDonalds in Tottenham Court Road. Despite epic tours, fortunes won and fortunes lost several times over, the band were feeling very unsure of themselves - the years spent stranded on a small African island hadn't helped - was the world ready for us. It was then that the Bull stepped in and booked the Psychos to play at the Sound House - the rest, as they say, is history and the band has gone from strength to strength, playing some amazing gigs to some amazing people.

But the Bull has always held a special place in our hearts after that first gig.

So, as you can imagine, we wanted our return to be the best. We needn't have worried, it was a great night - lots of dancing and some of the best banner waving and surfing we have ever seen. We were looked after brilliantly by the bar team and we will be back next year.

Most importantly, lots of our friends who don't get to see us very often came along - that means so much  - thank you x

The first gig at the Bull – where it all began


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