The Eldo Bar Jaywick

When Wiggy McWigface phoned the boys with the list of new gigs, there was a lot of celebration in the Psycho camp - they were back in the big time and off to the States - Rudy even had a little smile - he was returning to his beloved US of A, and the The Eldorado Bar in downtown San Diego.

It was only a week before the gig that Wiggy  told the boys they were actually playing in Jaywick. You can imagine they were a little disappointed - but you know what - by the end of the night - WHO NEEDS SAN DIEGO!!

Brilliant venue - brilliant crowd - brilliant landlord and  bar staff - plus some great harmonica playing - what more could we want - And it's not often you get the chance to have a break, surrounded by the sea and wonderful beaches as well - Thanks for having us, we can't wait to come back.

Big thanks as well for the Eldo festival invite - it's a shame we are already booked, otherwise we would have loved to play.

Stondan's mysterious new guitar

The last few weeks have seen Stondan and Wiggy in some serious and heated conversations - rumour has it that Guns and Roses' guitarist Slash, owed Wiggy a favour for a dodgy deal and Wiggy owed Stondan for something equally fishy.

Stondan then turned up at Jaywick with a super-duper Les Paul, sunburst finish guitar. While Slash was seen at his latest gig looking cross with a Littlewoods (for ages 12 and up) acoustic special - something strange is going on here and I am sure we haven't heard the last of it.


Slash with his old Les Paul

Slash and his Littlewoods accoustic

Stondan and his new guitar (looks familiar?)

More pictures from the night


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