The George Hadleigh


It was over a year ago that we played the George where does the time go.

Once again it was a really enjoyable gig.

Stondan, Floyd, Randy and Dirk all said afterwards they were in the groove and it was one of the best performances for a while - Rudy said he played so badly it was in his bottom three - say no more - Rudy would make an advert with a cute baby chimpanzee cuddling a kitten, end in disaster!!

Loads of wonderful comments - great talking to Michaela afterwards - thanks x - and we have found our oldest supporter - 93 (unless you know better.)

Big thanks to the brilliant bar team who looked after us. We are really sorry to hear the wonderful landlady, Victoria, is leaving - you have been fantastic booking us and giving us support in the early days - best wishes whatever you do xx

Next stop the Blacksmiths in Clacton on 21st of April - see you there.

Here are the gig highlights:



The Bar Staff

Our Oldest Fan - 93


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