The Gladstone Arms

Stowmarket is always a favourite place to play - and the Psycho Dehlia story really began to take off in that town a few years back.

Tonight we were at the Gladstone Arms for the second time. The last gig there saw Poz Blackwing's first attempt at his now legendary table surfing routine.

Angela had asked the pub if they would book us to help her celebrate her 5oth birthday - it's an honour to play for such a special occasion - thanks Angela, hope you had a fantastic day x

The birthday girl and hubby -

The Arms was rammed, but the Psychos felt a little cut off from the crowd - they like to be in the mosh pit covered with gin, sweat, lager and best bitter - or at least that's what Randy and Dirk say but then they do stand a little further back!!

It was a good gig and everyone had fun, especially Angela, which was the most important thing.

Here are the highlights:

  • Angela's Birthday sing-a-long.
  • Hi Ho Silver lining.
  • Stondan lost his headband on the way to the changing rooms (toilets) and couldn't see through his waves of hair (that was his excuse anyway!)
  • There was an offer of a nude photo shoot.
  • Floyd got 'beared' whatever that means!
  • Raymond, our fabulous charity giver, gave yet another fiver for MIND.

Here is our Just Giving page in case you are feeling generous as well:

The next gig is on Saturday in Stowmarket again, at the Pickerel this time for Clive's Birthday Bash - everyone welcome - it's gonna be huge.

Raymond - Mr Charity


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