The Pickerel – Stowmarket

We’re Back!

After three months off, Psycho Dehlia returned to the stage at the Pickerel - it’s been over two years since we played here and that’s far too long. The Pickerel is, without doubt, one of the top places to play.
To cap it all, it was the legend Clive Ransome’s birthday and what a night it was.
We packed the pub; it was standing room only. Dancing, singing and table surfing spurred us on - we didn’t want to let anyone down.
We haven’t wasted the last three months either and the five new songs are bedding in - you can’t beat a bit of Slade can you - Feel the Noize man.
Great to see so many of our friends - Rika, Andy, hope you are on the mend soon - huge congratulations to Poz and Ellie, Clive of course and Jas, thanks for having us again, always a pleasure.
It’s good to be back - let's do it again next year.

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