The Pickerel Stowmarket

Those of you who follow Psycho Dehlia know the story.

For those who don't here's the gist - Many years ago the boys were playing to 70,000 seater stadiums in the States and were being tipped as the biggest band of all time. Then it all went wrong - they got in with the wrong crowd and Philopouses Philopouses, the greek shipping magnate, left them high and dry to play on a deserted African island for 10 years. When they made it back to the UK, the music scene had changed and they forlornly set about playing to empty pubs.

It was at one of these gigs that a large biker called Clive Ransome was standing at the bar watching - he asked the boys to play at his birthday bash and the rest, as they say, is history - what a gig that was, with the pub running out of glasses - the Psychos haven't looked back since and the diary is always full, but it was that first gig at the Pickerel with Clive, that got the ball rolling.

So it was with a lot of excitement that the Psychos returned to the Pickerel after an absence of two years. We weren't disappointed - what a gig - what a crowd - nights like that only come around once in a while - we have had three this year and it's only just into February !

Thank you Clive for inviting us to play once again on your birthday, hope you had a great time.

The Birthday Boy - Clive

Huge thanks as well to Jas at the Pickerel for sticking with live music - it's been a quiet old start to the year - hope we helped a little to rectify that.

Here are the highlights:

John and Karen


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