The Punch Bowl Battisford



The Punch Bowl at Battisford is always a gig we look forward to.

Our top mate Clive Ransome got us involved a couple of years ago, and this is the third time we have played there.

Randy Handz our drummer had been moping around since the mysterious disappearance of his pet sheep Jennifer. We thought we needed to get his mind back on the band and hired the amazing Oscar, to keep him on his toes - it certainly did the trick

We have had some decent gigs since our return but maybe it was because this one was close to bonfire night that it took off and exploded like a firework.


The place was rocking and the sing-a- long encores, unbelievable.

If you have a spare evening try the Punch Bowl, it's community run - a fabulous selection of beer and quality food as well.

Oscar rocking the bowl

The brilliant team who looked after us


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