The Punch Bowl Inn – Battisford

Well, what a great gig at a fabulous pub.

An evening like that makes us realise how lucky we are to be playing those classic songs and when the audience has as much fun as we do it’s just brilliant.

When the dancing begins to People are Strange we know we are in for a good time and it just got better AND BETTER.

The sing-a-long to All Right Now, Hi Ho Silver Lining and All or Nothing was the best ever and drowned out Floyd.

Stondan Hyzerkyte was also sporting his new clean-cut image, borrowing a bandana from his good mate Keith Richards and despite a wardrobe malfunction in the superstar dressing room (the gents) it seemed to make him play even faster and his patented asbestos fretboard came in handy again.

The Punch Bowl Inn is a community-run pub and when everyone pulls together it shows what can be done - terrific atmosphere and the food looked amazing too - thanks for having us. It was great to see our Stowmarket friends again - Rika, Andy and Clive who have been with us from the start - we really appreciate that - great to see Kevin again too.

Finally, just to clarify things after some confusion - it's only Wiggy McWigface on sound who wears a wig!!

Next stop a Harley rally in Mersea

Stondan's wardrobe malfuntion


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