The Railway Tavern – Brightlingsea

Well, what can we say - Brightlingsea OMG, what is it about this town - some people say they were born in the wrong century, we were born in the wrong place. We want to be Brightlingsears.
It doesn’t matter how well we play - gigs are only as good as the audience and once again the Tavern crowd were up there with the best.
As for the Railway itself - we loved it. We played here a couple of years ago and it was excellent, but Sarah has made it even better, if that’s possible - what a superb venue with loads of great touches and improvements, especially in the music room  - it would honestly suit a band on a UK tour - brilliant.
Thanks for looking after us and making us feel so welcome. Huge thanks to all our friends who came yet again to support us especially Hazel, Lindsey (what a dancer) Deborah, Christine, Dave, Andy, Valerie and the amazing Psycho Chicks.
Great harmonica playing as well from Jim. It was also a pleasure to see Andy Holland, the first guitarist in the Psycho Dehlia family tree who played with Floyd and Rudy in two bands, Sour Taste and Starz. He flew in from California where he has been living on his royalties for the last 20 years. Our old roadie and occasional guitarist Johnny the Fox also made an appearance, so it was like old times. Unfortunately the Fox didn’t retire on his royalties, just a broken foot for his efforts, the Psychos really must improve their caring for staff policies!

Rudy, Andy (our original guitarist) Floyd and Johnny The Fox (our old roadie and guitarist)


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