The Railway Tavern

It always feels like we are coming home when we head for a gig in Brightlingsea.

We have made so many friends there and after two years away, it was great to get back to the Railway and it didn’t disappoint.

Brightlingsea is a music town - there were two other bands on that night and sometimes this dilutes the audience, but scouts informed us that the biggest crowd was at the Railway and what a crowd it was – thank you all for coming and for making us feel like we had never been away.

We tried out two new songs, Down at the Doctors and Jeepster, after just one studio rehearsal. They went well, but the highlight of the evening was the second encore and Hi Ho Silver Lining, with the biggest sing-a-long we have ever had.

Just a word about the Railway Tavern - if you haven’t been, give it a go - Sarah and her husband have transformed it – its still got its quirky character but the new decoration is amazing. Lots of extra spaces, a brilliant outdoor area, quality toilets (and we have changed in quite a few!) and of course, the lovely sound proofed music room - fantastic.

Didn't have time for many photos this time sorry.




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