The Railway

It was pouring with rain and cold when the Psychos arrived at the Railway in Ipswich - not a good start. Last weekend snow, and now this.

But the anticipation of playing at one of the legendary music venues kept us warm. Back in the day the Railway used to be part of the university circuit and some brilliant bands have played here, including Wishbone Ash and Status Quo. It closed for a few years but has now reopened and what a privilegeĀ it was to perform on that lovely stage.

There was a great and knowledgeable crowd, and how we got out the door after all those lovely comments I will never know.

Special mention to the bar team who looked after us, Chris who had seen every band on our set list apart from Buffalo Springfield and Steppenwolf. Hazel, Jonathan and friends, thanks so much for making the trip. Spirit in the Sky Guy for the stage invasion and loads more people who really knew their stuff - THANK YOU.

We are back at the Railway on 28 of September - can't wait.

Here are the highlights:

The Bar Team

Spirit in the Sky Guy

Hazel, Jonathan and friends

Chris - Mr Music

We asked Wiggy McWigface, our sound man, to take photos of the show. But he couldn't leave his seat, he has far too much to do with all those twiddly knobs to twiddle.

So today we have a special feature on our drummer Randy Hands (the only person Wiggy could take pictures of while remaining in his chair!)


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