West End Home Guard Club

Well, after nearly a year without a gig Psycho Dehlia returned to the circuit with a booking at the West End Home Guards Club in Bury St Edmunds. It was quite a trip, especially with the A14 up the creek.

So when the boys began to unload, it was clear there was some trepidation in the air - Would every thing still work, there was mould on the mixer ? Could the fingers still do the twiddly bits? Would Floyd keel over halfway through? The answers were Yes, Yes and No.

It was a brilliant return - thank you!!

What a fabulous place to play - the audience couldn't have been more supportive or encouraging and by the end it felt as if we had never been away.

Huge thanks to all the staff who looked after us, especially Kim, and to our friends, especially Pucki, Andy, Chloe and Valerie - some of you I know traveled a long way - It really is appreciated - see you in September - we can't wait.

Love and Peace PD xx


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